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Exhale into Aquarius

Breathing new life into old tired places. Sometimes you have to exhale so fully and deeply that there is nothing left inside. Only then are you met with the breathe of new life filling you in places you’re long forgotten. I don’t now where you find yourself this Aquarius season, but if like me, you […]

Harvest Moon – Full Moon

⁠Where can you find your harvest? Is it in the place you expected most? Did you spend your time, your energy, you love, in the places you had hoped? Or has your harvest arrived in a different place, the one you least expected⁠? ⁠ Without judgement, take a moment, to honour your harvest, honour the […]


What are you called to create in this world? So many times I have put my own creations on hold, for more reasons then I care to count. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I followed my creative impulses through to completion. What would I be holding in my hands? What would it […]